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LoveBank - Rustic Heart Shaped Transparent Guest Book

LoveBank - Rustic Heart Shaped Transparent Guest Book

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Make Your Special Day So Much More Memorable!

Collect memories and beautiful messages from your loved ones in our heart-shaped LoveBank. Replace the old school guest book with this LoveBank so that you can have something unique to remind you of your special day.

With its clear heart-shaped body, the LoveBank clearly displays each love letter that your guests drop into it. Plus, it comes with a lovely stand so that you can display it anywhere with ease even after the wedding.


  • Beautiful Display - LoveBank is surely an eye-catcher thanks to its unique design and heart-shaped body. It helps spread love throughout a room/area, making it a perfect centerpiece for any event.
  • Fun Activity - What makes the LoveBank even better is that it lets your guest interact with it. They can happily write a few love-filled messages and drop them in the LoveBank for you to keep forever
  • For Any Occasion - Whether it's a wedding or a birthday, the LoveBank is a great fit. It gives your celebration a more personal touch that both you and your guests will appreciate.
  • Long-Lasting Memory - Never forget how much your friends and family love you when you have the LoveBank around. It beautifully stores memories of special occassions. Plus, you'll definitely never lose sight of it since it's so beautiful
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