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MagnaBits - Strong Magnetic Anti-Slip Drill Bit Set

MagnaBits - Strong Magnetic Anti-Slip Drill Bit Set

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Screwing bolts just got a whole lot easier with MagnaBits - Strong Magnetic Anti-Slip Drill Bit Set!

Badly placed bolts are the nightmare of every drill. MagnaBits make extractions and screwing of all calibers and scopes easy, quick and always effortless for your drills!

All of the bits are magnetized to fix the bolts into a firm position when you are screwing them, effectively preventing slipping and uneven screwing on surfaces of any kind. When you are dealing with a stuck or rusted bolt that you can’t get a hold of, MagnaBits’ magnetic power and strong grip striped head make the tough bolts seamlessly easy to extract and screw back on.


  • Effortless Extractions - Having a hard time with the rusty bolts, take a firm hold of the situation to make quick work of the stubborn bolts. Featuring striped head that has anti-slip function and can remove all common sizes of damaged or peeled screws.
  • Efficient Screwing - Tired of the bolts slipping off the drill? With strong magnetism, it can catch the screw easily and quickly, and fix it to prevent the drill bit from slipping and improve the work efficiency.
  • High Quality Material - Made of high quality S2 material, adopt advanced alloy steel, inductive hardening; It has strong wear resistance, anti-impact, tough and durable
  • A Fit For Everything - From woodworking to mechanical engineering, MagnaBits can make all the screwing work go smooth and quick
  • A Complete Set For You - Comes with 7pcs of drill bits with varying length

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