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Master Sushi - Easy Sushi Maker Set

Master Sushi - Easy Sushi Maker Set

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Master the sushi making art

Master Sushi is the ultimate kit for an easy preparation of sushi in a professional way! Without any skill, you too can start making sushi like an absolute pro and satisfy everyone’s tastes for the dish!

The various tools allow for quick and easy rolling, cutting and serving sushi in style and taste rivaling every restaurant you’ve been to. And don’t worry, cleanup is a simple afterthought.

Surprise your guests with an eastern cuisine made from a real sushi master! When you feel ready, try out intricate designs, Master Sushi makes the work of the chef totally obsolete!


  • Easily healthy and nutritious sushi at home
  • Make delicious and professional Sushi with various shapes such as heart, rectangle, square and flower. 
  • Handy for learners at all stages, thus suitable for both restaurant and home use
  • Perfectly available for home cooking , picnic and other outdoor activities. 
  • Smooth and durable
  • Made of plastic, thick, durable and non-toxic, which can be easily washed clean.
  • A must have for those who love sushi. 

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