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MicroTrim - Versatile Precision Painless Trimmer

MicroTrim - Versatile Precision Painless Trimmer

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Achieve your perfect facial look with MicroTrim - Versatile Precision Painless Trimmer!

We know details matter, especially when it comes to your facial features, that’s why we’ve made available a trimmer that achieves laser-like results to make your face clear and youthful as ever.

MicroTrim is specifically made to navigate the nooks and crannies of your face to never miss a hair, it comes with a whole set of tools that will keep you trimmed and ready.

It’s sharp as a razor but gentle to the touch to help you with areas outside your face. Uneven hairs and fuzz will plague your face no more, what’s left will be only your hairless beauty.


  • From Touch-ups to Transformations - Whether you are looking to trim your eyebrows or remove peach fuzz MicroTrim can help you achieve the clean look you desire.

  • Laser-cut Precision - MicroTrim glides perfectly around the facial features to trim or shave hairs around your face with impeccable precision. The result is always flawless.
  • Even for the Body - If you are looking for excellence outside your face, MicroTrim can help you remove hairs on your body without harming your sensitive areas.

  • Dual Precision Blades - Contains a custom dual-sided adapter to allow for trimming at two different lengths. The long blades used to shave the easy and flat area like the upper eyebrow area, while the short blade is ideal for focusing on the small or blind area such as the eye socket, beginning, highest peak eyebrow points. You can switch it flexibly according to your needs.

  • Instant and Pain-free - Apart from optimizing the product performance itself, this trimmer used the R shape blade at an obtuse angle instead of the traditional sharp and thin blade. The eyebrow trimmer precision of the blade makes your facial hair cut off very easily, all without the pain of plucking!
  • Find Your Angle - It can rotate 30 degrees that make trimming more complete and comfortable.

    Beautiful Results Every Time - Using our wand you can achieve a silky smooth look models dream of having. MicroTrim's precision will clear out the fuzz to make your face shine!

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