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MultiCatch - Umbrella Fishing Lure Rig

MultiCatch - Umbrella Fishing Lure Rig

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🏆 Catch 2, 3, or more fishes in one throw! 🎣🐟

Why settle for a single catch when you can hook in several fishes in one cast with the MultiCatch - Umbrella Fishing Lure Rig. This fishing rig features a metalhead with 5 wire arms where you can attach your favorite soft baits. Once thrown in the water, it will look like a school of fish, attracting big catches.


  • Simulates a school of fish to lure in more catches

  • Easy to use – simply attach your favorite soft lures and start fishing

  • Wire arms spread out and slow retrieval is the best way to use the rig

  • Get more catches in one go

  • Made from strong, sturdy and anti-corrosion materials

Pro Tips:

  • A fully-rigged, 5-wire umbrella rig typically weighs at several ounces, and it casts like it’s even heavier, so use a rod and reel that are up to the task

  • Ideal umbrella rig rods should be 7 ½ to 8 feet long, heavy or extra heavy power, and paired with a heavy-duty bait caster in a low gear ratio (5.4:1)

  • Use at least 20-pound line if you opt for fluorocarbon or 50-pound if you’re a braid lover

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