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MultiPlug - 3 in 1 Rotatable Socket Converter

MultiPlug - 3 in 1 Rotatable Socket Converter

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Power Up Multiple Electronics All At Once!

Do you need a simple and organized way to power up all your electronic devices? With MultiPlug, you never have to put up with single socket outlets ever again!

Made with your convenience in mind, MultiPlug comes with three handy sockets in one. Plus, its body can be bent into different angles without obstructing other nearby outlets.


  • Durable Material - Made with fire-proof materials and high quality copper, Multiplug can withstand frequent use. MultiPlug keeps your mind at ease since it can take on multiple devices without breaking down.
  • Versatile Design - Whether you need to power up a phone charger or a microwave, MultiPlug can handle them all! It even comes with an adjustable body that helps save space and make way for other plugs and wiring.
  • Portable Size - It is compact, lightweight and can fit into any bag or luggage. MultiPlug can be brought anywhere so that you can maximize the use of the plugs in your hotel room, at the cafe, or even at the library.
  • Large Capacity - Equipped with three outlets, MultiPlug can help power up multiple electronics at the same time. MultiPlug can be used to power up various furniture, devices, or equipment anytime, anywhere!
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