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Neckline Template - Easy Neckline Shaving Guide

Neckline Template - Easy Neckline Shaving Guide

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Let's be real gents, those neck hairs are going to grow back within a couple of days after you get that fresh cut. Shaving those excess neck hair yourself is a real struggle since we can't see the back of our heads.

This neckline template shaving guide designed to help edge up and line up your neck hairline. The guide is made to help you trim and style your neckline effortlessly!  

Neckline Template designed with tapered edges that allow the most precise cut, whether you're using a razor, trimmer, or straight edge, it is compatible with everything! The template is made of high-grade plastic that allows extreme flexibility but is very durable as well. With an adjustable strap, so size does not matter gents! No more mess-ups, no more money wasted on frequent barber visits. 


  • Do It Yourself (DIY) - Allows you to edge up your neckline all by yourself! No need to ask for help from others or pay the barber, instead, Neckline Template will give you that perfect line up. Self-cutting has never been easier!
  • Fully Adjustable Strap! ONE SIZE FITS ALL - Size Doesn't Matter! Shave with confidence knowing this Neckline Template fully adjustable strap will always fit you or anyone else. Simply place the Neckline Template on your head and use the plastic shell to adjust the tightness of the fit accordingly. 
  • Save Time & Money - Barbers are expensive and your hair will just keep on growing. Enjoy your fresh looking neckline and the extra money in your pocket by reducing barber visits
  • Compatible With Any Shaving/Cutting Tool - Whether it is razor, trimmer, or straight blade, the Neckline Template is designed to work with anything. Makes a great addition to your grooming accessories.
  • Perfect Gift to Your Hairy Friend - You never worry about sizing with this Neckline Template, its the perfect gift to buy.

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