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NippleBowl - Puppy Bubble Milk Feeder

NippleBowl - Puppy Bubble Milk Feeder

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Aid Puppies During Feeding Time!

Keep newborn puppies or kittens healthy by making sure they will feed enough milk with NippleBowl - Puppy Bubble Milk Feeder. NippleBowl mimics the texture of the mother's nipple, making it comfy for the babies to suck on.

Equipped with a large bowl, NippleBowl can carry enough milk to feed multiple babies at once. Plus, each nipple is perfectly spaced so that the babies have enough room to rest while they feed.


  • Safe Material - Our premium NippleBowl offers a safe and convenient way for you to feed kittens and puppies. It's made out of food-grade materials that don't pose any health risks for your pets.
  • Steady Flow - NippleBowl provides a steady flow of milk, making feeding so much easier for each baby. This is especially important for babies who are struggling with feeding.
  • Multiple Outlets - To make things better, NippleBowl comes with multiple outlets spaced around the bowl. This way, you can feed multiple pets at the same time without a hassle.
  • Soft Tips - Each outlet mimics the texture of a mother's nipple. It ensures that kittens and puppies will naturally latch onto the NippleBowl during every feeding time.
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