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OrthoStep - Orthopedic Shoe Inserts

OrthoStep - Orthopedic Shoe Inserts

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Find relief from your orthopedic problems

Comfortable shoes are not enough to keep your feet free from pain and fatigue. Upgrade your step with a pad, orthopedically proven to eliminate walking discomfort!

Our upgraded memory foam foundation not only creates a comfy base but keeps your arch stable to minimize the threat of inquiries and relieve any pain you might feel as you walk.

Breathable and light, OrthoStep provide excellent light, air circulation and shock absorption so you can cruise on your way to work, hikes or marathons as if you are walking on clouds!


  • Relief with each step - Ergonomically shaped, OrthoStep provide your arches with the support they need to ensure no new inquiries or old pains hinder your performance!
  • Ventilate the smell - Say goodbye to the stinky shoes, through the ventilated foundations your feet can breathe easily and keep their freshness throughout the day!
  • Step in delight - Enjoy the cloudy feel of memory foam so soft you’ll never experience discomfort as you traverse the rough terrain!
  • Ultimate comfort and support - Bring the comfort and support your feet need to keep you on the move all day long without any problems!

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