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Outdoer Sandals - Breathable Closed Toe Leather Sandals

Outdoer Sandals - Breathable Closed Toe Leather Sandals

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This is the ultimate travel sandal!

Outdoer Sandals provides the perfect blend of comfort, style, and durability for all terrains. Perfect for everything from trail running, hiking to fishing, camping and so much more.

If it involves the outdoors, you can count on Outdoer Sandals for a great experience. With a rubber sole and leather straps, you can step onto any surface when hiking. Open to air, it is the best summer sandal you’ll find. Your next visit to nature will be comfy, convenient, and safe in the best travel sandal on the market.


  • Made for Any Terrain - No matter the terrain the thick rubber sole will keep your feet form soring or hurting.
  • Comfy and Breathable - The hot sun won’t pity your feet. The ultra-breathable leather and soft sole make it the best summer sandal.
  • Perfect Foot Protection - It dries up quickly, bends easily, and protects the toes. It’s the most versatile travel sandal there is.
  • The Ultimate Choice - Make each step with confidence and comfort on your visit to nature. Put on Outdoer Sandals and enjoy your time out feeling fresh and secure.


Shoe Size European Heel to Toe (cm)
6.5 38 24
7 39 24.5
7.5 40 25
8 41 25.5
8.5 42 26
9 43 26.5
9.5 44 27
10.5 45 27.5
11.5 46 28
12.5 47 28.5
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