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PaperWash - Portable Disinfecting Paper Soap Strips

PaperWash - Portable Disinfecting Paper Soap Strips

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It's a proven fact that frequent handwashing prevents germs and viruses from getting into your system!

With this Portable Hand Wash Soap Paper that comes in a Mini Case, you need not worry about hygiene even on the go. Simply soak your hands in water and use 1 sheet to soap up. There is enough liquid soap in 1 sheet to get your hands and face washed easily. The mini plastic case protects it from external elements thus extends its storage life.

Hand sanitizer has long been the go-to travel germ defender, but the liquid gel container usually isn't spill-proof and using sanitizer turn your once supple hands into a desert wasteland of dry skin. Thanks to these paper-thin travel soap you can now keep your hands free of germs and viruses while also keeping your purse and pockets free of spilled hand sanitizer!

The carrying case is so small you can carry it around easily and comfortably in that small pocket of your jeans (you know, that one that usually serves no purpose). The container also has a small key-ring loop so you can attach it to your keys or other lanyards to make sure you never leave home without protection (against germs and viruses).

  • Ideal for use in daily work, travel, pandemic situation, camping, hiking, BBQ or any outdoor activities
  • 20 pieces in a pocket-size plastic box, to bring anywhere and use at anytime
  • Clean your hands with just a little water
  • Dissolves instantly to produce soapy, sudsy lather
  • Convenient, and easy to use - just take a sheet out, place it in the palm of your hand and add water
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Multiple colors (random color with purchase)

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