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PegNRack - Customizable Peg Board Storage Rack Organizer

PegNRack - Customizable Peg Board Storage Rack Organizer

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Make the wall your go-to storage space

PegNRack - Customizable Peg Board Storage Rack Organizer is the solution every disorganized home needs to put in place all the stuff lying around! Once placed, it turns the walls into sturdy racks where everything can be stored and accessed easily.

PegNRack is sturdy enough to allow a reliable storage option for heavy items and versatile in look and design to find a suitable place in garages, bathrooms, and kitchens. Once you mount it you’ll want to expand the convenience it brings to every room in the house! You only need a clear wall to tidy up your home, PegNRack will do the rest!


  • A Reach Away - Once PegNRack is mounted all the important items will be right in front of you so everything you need will be easy to access!
  • Noting Weighs It Down - The sturdy pegboard can hold the tools, books and anything you need securely with no chance of falling out!
  • Get Organized - If you’ve been wondering where to store the items laying around the garage, kitchen, or bathroom now you can hang them all on the wall!

If your workplace needs some tiding up PegNRack can find a place for all the scattered items and make them always easy to reach!  

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