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PivoBit - Pivoting Bit Tip Holder

PivoBit - Pivoting Bit Tip Holder

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Screwing from awkward angles is not a problem for PivoBit - Pivoting Bit Tip Holder!

Tightening screws from rough angles can be really frustrating. PivoBit is a flexible bit holder that takes care of any awkward angles. It pivots to every angle so you can screw from a comfortable position.

It works with any drill you have around to make DYI work easier and faster. With PivoBit you don’t need to do manual screwing just because the angle is not straight!

No matter the angle PivoBit can navigate your dill to make quick work of any project. With its quick-lock sleeve, you can lock it straight so you don't have to switch bits when working between straight and angled driving. Work smarter, pivot your screw to the exact angle, and say no to manual screwing.


  • Attaches to Anything - PivoBit works with any electrical drill and drywall guns so you can screw and drill from an easy angle with any tool.
  • Access the Tightest of Spaces - PivoBit flexes in every direction for you to get the perfect screwing angle for anywhere!
  • Makes Assembly Effortless - Assembling your next project won’t require awkward screwing angles when PivoBit is by your side.


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