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PlantHalo - Indoor Plant Grow Light

PlantHalo - Indoor Plant Grow Light

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Grow Healthy Indoor Plants All Year Round!

Wanting to grow plants indoors but don't have access to direct sunlight? No sun, no problem with PlantHalo - Indoor Plant Grow Light! It's a great alternative to natural sunlight, making it essential to the health of your plant babies.

The powerful light of the PlantHalo aids your plant's growth until it fully blooms. Even better, PlantHalo helps extend the life cycle of seasonal plants even during the winter time!


  • Powerful Lighting - Equipped with 20 full spectrum led bulbs on each annular light, it provides 30% more brightness than the ordinary lamp bulb. PlantHalo can promote seedling growth and prolong the flowering period of your plants for several months.
  • Timer Function - PlantHalo has different time cycles that you can customize to fit your plant's needs. You can set up a 24 hour on and off cycle to help you save electricity and provide just the right amount of light to your plants.
  • Wide Application - With its versatile design, PlantHalo can be used on all types of plant species. It can also be used to illuminate you plants anytime you want to put them on display for friends and loved ones to admire.
  • Easy Installation - PlantHalo is easy to install. Simply mount one end of the acrylic support stick into the soil, attach the lights, and power them up! 
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