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PlayNStore Mat - Slide Away Easy Toy Storage Play Mat

PlayNStore Mat - Slide Away Easy Toy Storage Play Mat

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It's our strong belief that you don't know pain until you have walked across a LEGO...Thanks to the PlayNStore Mat, you no longer need to worry about rouge small toys lying in wait for your bare feet to walk across them.

PlayNStore Mat - Slide Away Easy Toy Storage Play Mat features a built-in 57" play mat that allows kids to spread their toys out on. You just need to pull the play mat out of the storage basket and spread it out. Then, using a handle on the bottom of the basket you can dump the toys out onto the mat for hours of fun!

When the kiddos are done playing, you simply use the handles on the sides of the mat to lift and create a toy slide, and watch the toys easily and quickly slide away for cleanup in seconds. The play mat is attached to the inside of the basket so you just tuck it into the basket on top of the toys once they are all in. Then just place the basket lid on and clean up is done!


  • Easily spreads out the play mat and dump all the toys inside the basket
  • Clean up and store all the toys in seconds
  • With 3-inch lip around the play mat helps to keep the toys contained so they don't end up spreaded all over the room.

  • With a play mat this large (57 inches wide), multiple kids can play at the same time.

  • Store toys in a stylish and minimalist basket that blends well into your home decor and makes a nice living room, kids room, or playroom decor

  • The basket has sturdy rope handles so you can easily move it to whatever storage or play location you like best.

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