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PoolLounger - Inflatable Water Hammock

PoolLounger - Inflatable Water Hammock

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Relax in cooling comfort with the water surrounding while lounging on the PoolLounger - Inflatable Water Hammock. Designed to position you in a semi-submerged position, you'll stay refreshed and cool while floating your cares away. It's a 4-IN-1 inflatable float system; hammock, lounge chair, exercise saddle, and drifter.

Constructed in all-weather fabric, PoolLounger is built for season-after-season enjoyment. Just roll it up for easy storage or tote around when needed.



  • Hammock-Style Design - The hammock-style design cradles you slightly below the water's surface keeping you cool and comfortable even on the hottest of days.

  • All-Weather Fabric - The all-weather fabric is woven from poly-coated threads, ensuring maximum durability yet soft and flexible to the touch.

  • Balanced Buoyancy - A larger headrest provides a more natural upright lounging position in the water.
  • Roll 'n Go Convenience - The Water Hammock Lounge measures 28.74" W x 50.24" L and rolls up quickly for on-the-go, suitcase packing, or storage ease.

  • Easily Inflate and Deflate with the lock inflation system. It is a great addition to the summer pool this season.
  • Geat Load Capacity - No need to worry about the weight limit, it will handle up to 200 kg.

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