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PowerSwim - Swimming Resistance Band Power Trainer

PowerSwim - Swimming Resistance Band Power Trainer

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Become a stronger and faster swimmer by adding resistance to your pool workouts! PowerSwim - Swimming Resistance Band Power Trainer is perfect for professional and amateur swimmers. It's extremely effective at targeting key muscle groups to upgrade your performance in the pool. This band is a must-have for anyone looking to take their pool workouts to the next level! 

When you exercise with it you condition the key muscle areas responsible for your movement in the waters. It’s simple to put and brings a challenge to even the toughest swimmers.

Even if you don’t have much space to move around, PowerSwim lets you swim in place to practice as much as you want! Perfect your way of swimming just from the pool!


  • PERFECT YOUR TECHNIQUE - This trainer forces you to improve your technique by giving you the opportunity to practice all sorts of strokes day in, day out. Technique is such a vital part of being a great swimmer, which is why we created PowerSwim
  • BECOME STRONGER - These resistance bands are engineered to target key muscle groups that are directly correlated with swim speed and endurance. The added resistance allows you to overload your muscles resulting in increased strength over time.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL - The waist belt is designed with high-grade neoprene which allows the belt to form to any body type. On top of that, the velcro strap lets you tighten or loosen the belt to help you find the ideal fit. 
  • USE IN ANY POOL - Our resistance bands provide the perfect amount of resistance for you to be able to swim in place, meaning you can train at home or your local pool. Our 4-meter (13ft) cord can reach just about anywhere, allowing for use with any pool.
  • NO HUGE AREA NEEDED -  Become a pro swimmer just from the pool, easily practice your strokes and styles without needing any space!

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