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PreciseNailer - Laser Line Nail Gripper With Level Vials

PreciseNailer - Laser Line Nail Gripper With Level Vials

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Keep Your Hands Safe and Nails or Room Layout in Perfect Straight!

PreciseNailer - Laser Line Nail Gripper With Level Vials is a handy and easy to use home improvement tool that lets you hammer in nails or drive screws safely into your wall in perfect level in relation to any point in the room. Line up pictures, shelves, cabinets, tiles, wall coverings, mirrors and more with ease.

PreciseNailer safely and firmly grasps any size nail or screw with its rubber grip for safe and easy nailing. It has integrated infrared light with pressure-activated on and off switch that projects a highly visible laser line when set against the surface. No more marking your walls with points and reference lines. It also has two integrated level vials that clearly align the laser horizontally or vertically. A precise and easy way to line up your fixtures in relation to any point in the room.

PreciseNailer also comes with a FREE Magnetic Wristband that gives you quick and easy access to your nails or screws.


  • Perfect for hanging shelves, pictures, mirrors, and wall fixtures and aligning panels, cabinets, tiles and wall coverings
  • With rubber grip holds any size nail/screw while protecting your hand
  • Highly visible line laser up to 20 feet
  • Pressure-activated power light switch
  • 2 cylindrical level vials: vertical & horizontal
  • FREE Magnetic Wristband for holding nails and screws
  • A must-have and perfect gift for any DIYer
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