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PryFree - Anti-peeping Monitor Screen Board

PryFree - Anti-peeping Monitor Screen Board

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Get Convenient Privacy You Need With PryFree - Anti-peeping Monitor Screen Board!

Protect your personal information from snooping onlookers by equipping your laptop screen with PryFree. Simply put this on and it turns the screen into black from anyone looking from the sides. It provides outstanding protection against prying eyes while still giving you a clear view of your laptop's screen.


  • Anti-Peeping Screen - Hiding Privacy - This privacy screen protector keeps screen information safe from prying eyes, ideal when traveling or working in the office,  cafe or other public space. 
  • High Definition from the Front - It turns black when viewed from the side, while providing high definition viewing from the front. Providing HD experience while reducing the screen brightness.
  • Total Protection - Aside from its protection against prying eyes, it also reduces harmful blue light and anti-glare for less eye strain. Plus its 9H hardness rating also provides a layer of physical protection to your screen.
  • Water-Proof & Oil-Proof - Made of quality PMMA material, water-proof & oil-proof, easy to clean.
  • Easy Installation - Directly put it on your laptop. It's flexible to move left and right, convenient for hiding privacy.
  • Widely Used - With the size of 175x108mm, it is great to work on laptops, desktop monitors, mobile phones, tablets, etc.
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