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Pup FurBed - Orthopedic Dog Bed with Vegan Fur Memory Foam

Pup FurBed - Orthopedic Dog Bed with Vegan Fur Memory Foam

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Pup FurBed - The Cushion That Will Have Your Furry Little Friend Thanking You Over And Over Again!

Designed with our dogs' ultimate comfort in mind, Pup FurBed - Orthopedic Dog Bed with Vegan Fur Memory Foam will minimize joint pain, improve health, and mobility - giving your dog the overall comfort they need! It's was specially designed for dogs experiencing arthritis and hip dysplasia.

The Orthopedic Dog Bed was designed to provide our best friends with the ultimate place to rest, while not being an eyesore to look at! Finally, a bed to give them extra comfort that they need!



PREMIUM MATERIAL - Uniquely created with premium faux fur orthopedic material for optimal comfort and support. Making it super soft and warm enough for any dog to sync in and instantly fall in love with. It's non-hypoallergenic which means it doesn't cause any skin irritation or triggers any allergies.

BETTER SUPPORT - Giving more cushion to support your dog's joint and giving them that soft comfortable cushion to lay down easily and gently. Whether it's your new pup or your dogs a bit older any dog can sit back and relax comfortably on this cushion.

BLENDS IN ANY HOME DECOR - It blends perfectly into your home with its luxurious and plush design. When it's not in use by your pup, it will look a nice cushion home decor rug.

MACHINE WASHABLE - Super easy to wash and doesn't leave behind any odors/stains. Simply throw it in the washer and you're good to go. which means no lingering dog urine stains in the house anymore!!!

FOR ALL SIZE AND BREEDS - It's perfect for any size/breed to enjoy and not only good for their sleep but their overall health as well. Taking the pressure off of their joints and helps any pup who may have arthritis, joint pain and many other complications your pup may have

LONG LASTING - With a premium memory foam base, this bed will not flatten overtime. It does not shrink or discolor even when washed.

If you really want to treat your furry pupper to a good night's sleep then this is the product for you. Offers better support, more sustainable and best of all... Giving them a more comfortable and relaxing sleep that will have them thanking you over and over again.

Size Dimension
S 30 in x 18 in / 80 cm x 45 cm
M 35 in x 22 in / 90 cm x 55 cm
L 45 in x 26 in / 110 cm x 65 cm
XL 50 in x 30 in / 125 cm x 75 cm
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