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Purfect Teeth - Catnip Filled Silicone Fish Toothbrush

Purfect Teeth - Catnip Filled Silicone Fish Toothbrush

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Purfect Teeth is a new easy, fun and effortless way to clean your cat's teeth!

Cleaning your furry pals' teeth can be a long struggle for most pet owners so why don't you make it easier for both of you by making it more fun and hassle-free with this toothbrush that doubles as a toy? 

This toothbrush is designed like a toy and contains catnip (or replace it with his favorite treats) to attract your cat's attention. Your furbaby will definitely love! By rubbing your pet's teeth in the cavities of Purfect Teeth, bacteria, tartar, plaque, and all other waste are eliminated. Your cat will have perfect dental hygiene!


  • AN ENTERTAINING CLEANING EXPERIENCE - Keep them exhilarated with the inserted catnip and make teeth cleaning an enjoyable, entertaining experience for them! You don't have to fight to keep their cavity healthy when you have this Purfect Toothbrush! 

  • INSERT CATNIP TO GRAB THEIR ATTENTION - This silicone toothbrush is designed to simulate a fish shape, with a designated area for inserting catnip, making it a cat's favorite self-cleaning toy! 

  • SAFE TO USE - Made with BPA free FDA-approved food-grade silicone, the Purrfect Cat Toothbrush is perfectly safe and durable for pet's use!

  • REDUCES ANXIETY AND BOREDOM - Your cat will never get bored with this new playful toy. The aroma of catnip soothes your pet and reduces his level of anxiety.
  • DURABLE - Made from a soft heavy-duty silicone material.

  • EASY REFILL - Simply re-insert catnip to immediately attract your cat's attention.
  • EASY CLEANING - Simply wash under tap water and dry it with a cloth.

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