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PyroSpark - Fireworks Led Strip Light With Music Control

PyroSpark - Fireworks Led Strip Light With Music Control

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Welcome The New Year With A Bit Of Light And Sparkle!

Create a dazzling firework display in the safety of your home with our beautiful PyroSpark! Equipped with a burst of LED strip lights, PyroSpark creates an eye-catching lighting experience that everyone will enjoy.

The PyroSpark comes with a variety of light and music modes, providing everyone with endless entertainment. Even better, the PyroSpark—once connected to your phone via Bluetooth—can sync and change its color according to the rhythm of the sound or music.


  • Easy to Install - The PyroSpark does not require any tools to fully set it up. All you have to do is to assemble the strip lights, peel off the adhesive tape, stick them on a clean surface, and the PyroSpark is ready to sparkle!
  • Multiple Control Options - If you want to change the lights' brightness, set the timer, and more, you can easily change them through the integrated circuit control, IR remote controller, and smartphone app. In addition, there are also 213 display modes for you to choose!
  • Mic/music Sync Modes - After connecting it to your smartphone via Bluetooth, the light strip color will not only dance to the beat of music, but it will also change automatically when the mic captures ambient sounds. Party it up with the PyroSpark!
  • USB Power Supply - Its 5V 2A USB plug allows you to power up the PyroSpark in a variety of ways. This means that it can be connected to a computer, power bank, phone charger, and many more!
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