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QClips - Versatile Garden Clips

QClips - Versatile Garden Clips

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Stake your plants in a breeze with QClips - Versatile Garden Clips!

Staking your plants can get tiresome especially with a big garden! Qclips make the work instantaneous and provide your plants with the support they’ll need as they grow! Because of their incredible sturdiness, Qclips can help every plant in your garden attach to stake and stay stable as they grow higher and in the face of the heavy winds!

Qclips work great for support purposes, they can protect your fragile flowers and branches from breaking and guide their growth to guarantee your garden will continue flourishing!


  • One-Hand Operation - Easy to attach the plant to the stake even with garden gloves on! With these spring clips, you can reclip it according to plant growth. Leaving your other hand free to insert the support and stem into the clip. 

  • Support and Protect Plant - Protects delicate flowers and bolster fruit-laden branches from being damaged or break on the storm wind. Prop up the garden plants firmly and gently without harming the stalk of the plant. No more the green twist ties and/or plastic tape!

  • Muti-Purpose - Can be used to attach any support stake, such as Cane, Pole, Arbor, Metal/Bamboo Garden Stake/Stick, garden cage, plant support hoops, lattice, fence/gate twine trellis, ladder, rod, cable, yarn, thread, strand, or wire netting or anything that can provide plant support.

  • Versatile Garden Clips - Can be used with Vegetables/Veggies, Flowers, Climbing and Crawling plants or small Trees together, like Tomato, Beans, Cucumber, Zucchini, Eggplant and more
  • Weatherproof & Non-Rusting - Made of premium plastic. Durable, reusable & high-quality. 

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