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QuikFix - Aluminum Quick Melting Welding Rods

QuikFix - Aluminum Quick Melting Welding Rods

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The toughest & easiest to use welding wires!

QuikFix - Aluminum Quick Melting Welding Rods are the perfect filler for all your quick welding purposes. Their excellent fluidity makes them a great bonding agent for metals and provides a strong, smooth grip that never cracks.

As a filler QuikFix is unbeatable and because of its low melting point, you can make a fix with just a blowtorch. It solidifies fast and efficiently to remove the difficulty out of welding.

If you are looking for unbreakable results QuikFix can help you do a stellar job for all your welding projects! No matter how high you set the standard they’ll never disappoint!


  • An Unbreakable Grip - QuikFix provides excellent fluidity to minimize the possibility of thermal cracking to create an unbreakable metallurgical bonding!
  • A Filling for Everything - The wires provide a stable solidifying filling for copper, metal, aluminum and more. You name it and QuikFix can fill it!
  • The Quickest Fix - Because of its low melting point it’s extremely easy to perform fillings and fixes. With a simple blowtorch, you’ll melt it easily!

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