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QuikStrip - Universal Versatile Handheld Quick Wire Stripper

QuikStrip - Universal Versatile Handheld Quick Wire Stripper

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Wire Stripping Made Easy And Convenient!

QuikStrip - Universal Versatile Handheld Quick Wire Stripper is a practical tool that can help you strip wires quickly, efficiently, and safely. It's equipped with a sharp and adjustable blade, allowing it to process a wide variety of wires without a hitch!

Unlike traditional wire stripping methods, QuikStrip eliminates the need for direct hand contact. This way, you can ensure a clean cut without placing yourself in harm's way.


  • Easy to Use - Using QuikStrip is extremely straightforward and uncomplicated. All you need to do is insert the wire, adjust the blade to the suitable depth or height, and you're ready to go!
  • For all Wires - With its versatile design, QuikStrip can process either solid or stranded wires from 24 AWG (3/64") up to 0 AWG (7/16")! This feature is perfect for scrappers or hobbyists that don't want to deal with the trouble of changing tools every now and then.
  • Convenient Blade Replacement - The blade can easily be replaced with a blade from your local hardware store. To replace the blade, simply follow these steps: locate the screw, loosen it, and replace the dull blade.
  • On-the-go Tool - Forget about using a pocket knife or a utility knife whenever you strip copper wires! QuikStrip is tiny and portable enough to hang on your belt, making it an excellent wire stripper for all types of projects.
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