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Raincoat with Pocket

Raincoat with Pocket

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A raincoat you can fit into your pocket!

You never know when the storm might hit you, that’s why it’s best to stay prepared! Rainbell can help you stay dry in any situation without burdening you with anything noticeable! 

The ball holds a raincoat you can easily carry around with you and unfold to protect your whole body when the rain starts! It outmatches the umbrella in every possible way!

You can leave the jacket and umbrella at home and enjoy your days outside without worrying about when the next rain might start! With one Rainbell in your pocket you’ll be ready for the worst!


  • Ready for the Unknown - The unpredictable weather holds lots of surprises, RainBall makes sure you'll be ready to face them
  • Rain-proof Yourself - An umbrella does little against the heavy storm, this watercoat will keep you completely dry in any situation
  • Pocket-sized Protection - Ditch the jacket for a pocket-sized ball that can save you from the rain better than anything in your wardrobe
  • No More Going Home Wet - Guarantee you never return wet from a trip, fit one RainBall into your pocket to stay prepared for the rain

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