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RainbowBlocks - Creative Rainbow Stacker Wooden Toy

RainbowBlocks - Creative Rainbow Stacker Wooden Toy

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The perfect toy for aspiring creative thinkers!

Help your children explore their creative side with a toy that offers endless creative possibilities to build, rearrange and assemble wondrous colorful shapes of various sizes!

Arranged like a rainbow, you can twist and turn the ovals until they take shape of a form. The more time you play, the more creations will be imagined and created!

RainbowBlocks is the perfect practice for the developing creativeness of the young mind. One thing is for sure, your children will never get bored using their imagination while playing with it!


  • Never Ceases to Amaze - It may look simple, but with some imagination, your kids can build the most magnificent forms out of the many colors.
  • Rearrange the Rainbow - All the wondrous colors of the rainbow are at your disposal for endless shape building possibilities.
  • Inspire to Create - Anything the young mind can imagine RainbowBlocks can create. Your kids will never get tired of creating something new!
  • Trigger Their Artistic and Creative Side - Playing with RainbowBlocks your kids don’t only explore their creativeness, but create art in its purest form!
  • Safe and Non-Toxic - Non-toxic water-based paint rainbow blocks toy is safe for children to play with.
  • For Children of All Ages - Offers loads of open-ended play for kids of different ages. Toddlers and young kids will both love it

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