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Relaxee - 3D Waist Lumbar Support Pillow

Relaxee - 3D Waist Lumbar Support Pillow

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Relieve Back Pain While You Sleep!

Does your back still hurt even when you sleep on a nice and soft mattress? Add Relaxee - 3D Waist Lumbar Support Pillow to your nightly routine to get the comfort and support that you need while you sleep.

Relaxee supports your back's natural arch when you lie down. It aids you with whichever sleeping position you prefer, giving you a good night's sleep.


  • Durable Build - Relaxee is made with high-quality polyester fiber and selected buckwheat husk. It is made tough and durable to withstand daily use.
  • Breathable Material - Do not worry about getting warm and sweaty when sleeping on Relaxee. Its breathable material lets you relax and stay cool while you sleep.
  • Easy Cleaning - Relaxee requires very low maintenance, making it a must-have in your bedroom. You can simply throw it in the washer to get it all cleaned up. It's quick-drying too!
  • Multifunctional Design - This doesn’t just improve spine posture or reduce strained back muscles. Relaxee can also be placed in the calf or knee as a leg spacer or if you need your leg elevated while you sleep.
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