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RollerToGo - Collapsible Muscle Massager Foam Roller

RollerToGo - Collapsible Muscle Massager Foam Roller

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If you're someone who uses a foam roller but travels a lot, you probably already know how hard it is to bring one with you. Foam rollers aren't very small, and take up quite a bit of room in a backpack or piece of luggage, or just when thrown into a car.

RollerToGo is a fitness roller that collapses down to just about 5 inches wide, so you can pack it with you wherever you go. When fully extended the roller measures 14 inches long. To use it just expand it by pulling it outward, use it just like you would any other foam roller, and when you're done, just push it back in to collapse it down to a tiny 5 inches wide!

Perfect to throw into a backpack, purse, bag, or piece of luggage to take with you to the gym, yoga class, or even on a flight to use in a hotel room elsewhere. RollerToGo is so small that it fits right in the palm of your hand when fully collapsed, and is the most travel-friendly foam roller on the market!


  • The perfect companion to yoga and Pilates, but well suited for runners or for flushing lactic acid from muscle tissue after a workout at the gym . The soft texture is very comfortable for beginners just looking to start myofascial release.
  • Made from ultra-durable materials that can withstand up to 350 lbs of weight.
  • It has precisely configured high-density foam that will hit deep into trigger points, sore muscle areas, and tight spots.
  • Will give increased flexibility and mobility, it will help break-down tightness and adhesions, it gives a deep-tissue massage, it will help increase recovery times and prevent injuries after tough workouts, it will enhance joint health, and also encourage circulation.
  • Great before exercise to stretch and prevent injuries. Amazing after a workout for recovery. Soothe sore leg muscles like the hamstring and calf.
  • Roll out your back, apply pressure anywhere on the body for myofascial release, ease the pain from plantar fasciitis by stretching the fascia and arches of the feet.
  • Perfect for runners, crossfit performance, cellulite reduction, therapeutic massaging of the thoracic region, and more.

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