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Rotating Automatic Shoe Buckle

Rotating Automatic Shoe Buckle

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Conveniently tie your shoelaces and never worry about loose shoelaces anymore!

Replace your shoelace with Rotating Automatic Shoe Buckle and no more running hassles and frequent squatting down to tie loose shoelaces! This Rotating Automatic Shoe Buckle is a quick-automatic lace-up lace that lets you tie your shoelaces in just a few turns of a knob. It also has a quick-release function so you can loosen it and remove your shoes in seconds. 


  • The shoelace is made of the world's highest strength fiber. It is strong and reliable. The knob can withstand 21 kilograms of tension. 
  • Suitable for a variety of shoes, sports shoes, children's shoes, casual shoes, Martin boots, etc.
  • Perfect for running, hiking, and sports
  • Package comes with 1 pair Rotating Automatic Shoe Buckle with 1-meter shoelaces

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