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Safety Rolling Knee Pad

Safety Rolling Knee Pad

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The Safety Rolling Knee Pad is the most convenient and comfortable knee pad that allows you to be more mobile, safe, and comfortable kneeling down and moving.

There's nothing worse on your knees than painting low to the ground, installing tile or hardwood floor, or other things you need to do while kneeling down. This Knee Pad allows you to be much more mobile while kneeling down on the ground and prevent you from having to get up and kneel back down again over and over over the life of a project. Plus, it supports your weight through your knees with padded cushions so your knees will be more comfortable even when moving while kneeling down.


  • MOBILITY - Once you pry up a board on the floor or finish painting one spot, you can simply wheel yourself over to the next spot instead of having to get up and back down. Just put all your weight onto your knees and pull yourself forward or backward with your hands to easily move around.
  • WIDE APPLICATION - Great for installing floorboards, tiles, working on decks, working on walls low to the ground, doing concrete work, working on car detailing and maintenance, gardening, or just stocking shelves, the Safety Rolling Knee Pad allows you to do it all with extreme comfort while giving you maximum mobility.
  • COMFORT PADS - This knee pad on wheels uses tapered gel pads that are designed to evenly display your weight which lessens the pressure on your knees while perfectly fitting the contour of your knees.
  • LOAD-BEARING - Using non-marring and durable caster wheels on the bottom of the knee pad with an overall total load rating of 500 lbs.

  • TOOL TRAY - It also has a tray for your tools so you can always have them within reach even when rolled away.

  • 360° DIRECTION - Using swivel caster wheels to roll in any direction
  • EASY CARRY - With an easy carry handle for easier transport from one project to another.
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