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SandPic - Dynamic Sand Art Round Display

SandPic - Dynamic Sand Art Round Display

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Watch beautiful forming sandscape in action.

SandPic - Dynamic Sand Art Round Display is a majestic beauty, an all-time classic, perfect eye-catching shape regally sitting on its own throne. It displays a blend of sands flowing and forming mesmerizing sandscapes giving any desk, table and shelve a calm and relaxing ambiance. 

Rotate or invert the frame on its base to initiate the flow of water and sand and watch as beautiful scenes emerge. Enhance your workspace with this colorful and mesmerizing desktop accessory or give as a gift to a friend or co-worker.

It is a perfect addition to any home, office desktop, mantle, or bookshelf making it ideal for any setting. With this sleek modern design and fun sand blend, it is destined to go with any decor.


  • Relaxing dynamic sand picture
  • Just rotate the round frame display and get different sanscape scene
  • Lead-free high transparency glass
  • Makes an amazing display to home or office
  • Perfect gift idea


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