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SaucePen - Sauce Plating Art Pencil

SaucePen - Sauce Plating Art Pencil

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Turn Your Best Recipes Into 5-Star Dishes with SaucePen - Sauce Plating Art Pencil!

Bring out your inner master chef by styling your dishes with the handy SaucePen. Use sauces and jams as your paint, the plate as your canvas, and the SaucePen as your paintbrush!

With its pointed tip, SaucePen gives you perfect control over the strokes and lines that you create on a plate. Plus, its tip is designed with a deep set center for carrying all types of sauces and jams.


  • Non-slip Handle - SaucePen is designed with a rubber handle, providing you with a comfy grip. It helps you create precise lines and elegant designs with extreme ease.
  • Versatile Use - Despite its simple design, SaucePen is perfect for all types of garnishing and food decorating. Whether you're styling savory meals or desserts, the SaucePen adds that bit of style that can elevate any dining experience.
  • Durable Material - Our premium SaucePen is made out of high-quality stainless steel that lasts for years to come. This way, you can create world class dishes on a daily basis!
  • Food Grade - The SaucePen is made with food grade materials that are safe to use with all types of food. It does not contain any toxic material, keeping you and your loved ones safe each time you enjoy a meal.
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