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Shelvee - Wall Mounted Geometric Shelves

Shelvee - Wall Mounted Geometric Shelves

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Shape and Quantity

The shelf for lovers of art

Beautifully crafted, these wall shelves elevate the décor to all of your rooms to bring unseen elegance to your walls! Shelvee can hold anything from phones, flower pots to memorabilia.

Inspired by geometric shapes and finished in a beautiful white tone, Shelvee fits well to every environment without taking away from the colors or other decorations around. A shelf for the clutter or a stand for art, you decide how to use Shelvee to enhance your home. An elegant touch to the walls is just what a room needs to stand out in the eyes!


  • The Modern and Minimalist’s Pick - Shaped in clean geometric designs, Shelvee is a gentle touch that makes all the difference to the ambiance around.
  • Elevate With Elegance - Find a high place to store your decorations and memorabilia to elevate not only the items but the ambiance of the place.
  • Uplift the Clutter - Easily find space for your daily essentials so nothing lays around your feet. Choose the height you need to make reaching them effortlessly.
  • Safe Material - Made of oder-free, environment-friendly PVC wood material

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