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ShieldBrella - Car Windshield Instant Sunshade Umbrella

ShieldBrella - Car Windshield Instant Sunshade Umbrella

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Keep your car temperature cool on the inside even under direct sunlight with ShieldBrella!

ShieldBrella is an upgraded Car Windshield Instant Sunshade with an umbrella structure. It instantly set on your windshield without the hassle and conveniently folded for easy storage. Compared with traditional folding windshield sunshades, this car windshield sun blocker umbrella is simple and quick to use, non-destructive installation and easy storage.



  • Thermal Insulation and Sun Protection - Using safe and high-quality aluminum foil material that blocks most of outside heat, reflecting sunlight, this umbrella can effectively reduce the temperature inside your car prevents damage and deterioration of the interior and maintains cool temperature.
  • Easy to Use and Store - A time-saving and convenient sunshade. Easy to use and install on windshield in seconds and easily folded for easy storage.
  • Safe Odor-free Material - Safe and high-quality materials. Under high-temperature exposure, it does not produce bad smell. 
  • Multipurpose - While it's best as a windshield sunshade, it can also be used as an oversized umbrella when raining or under extreme heat.

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