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SideRack - Multi-Layer Refrigerator Rack

SideRack - Multi-Layer Refrigerator Rack

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A smart way to expand the kitchen

If there isn’t enough room in your kitchen, then why not turn the unused area on the side of your fridge into a storage rack? SideRack - Multi-Layer Refrigerator Rack does just that to open up more storage space around without taking any room at all!

It’s practical, seamless, and sturdy to be unnoticeable and reliable! It has room to store all the daily items you use around the kitchen to ensure everything has a place. After installing it to your fridge you are all ready to fill it up with heavy items, its adhesive stickers can hold the weight.

SideRack brings a storage solution every small kitchen needs!



  • Easy Tidy Up Solution - All the common essentials lying around the kitchen can now find a place on SideRack. All your kitchen essentials will be within your reach!
  • Seamless Storage - SideRack's seamless design is almost invisible! It’s simple, barely noticeable look won’t hinder the style of your kitchen at all.
  • More Storage in Less Space - If your kitchen doesn’t have room for all the stuff around, SideRack can expand the storage space, at no cost of convenience!
  • The Ultimate Compact Choice- You don’t need another drawer to cramp up your kitchen when SideRack can hold all the kitchen’s needs in the most compact way!

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