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SirBonfire - Portable Bonfire Rack

SirBonfire - Portable Bonfire Rack

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Bring the warmth and comfort of your fireplace anywhere with SirBonfire - Portable Bonfire Rack!

SirBonfire is a folding stainless steel fireplace that allows you to set up a roaring, lasting fire in mere seconds. Designed with four steel legs to be detachable, not only to maintain better stability, but also more convenient for outdoor camping. Perfect for camping, hiking, setting a bonfire on the porch, beach, on picnic and more!

SirBonfire allows you to have an environmentally friendly campfire with minimal cleanup. By raising your campfire off the ground you reduce damage to the terrain and waste left behind. Sets up in less than a minute and easy to stow in your pack with included carry bag. Perfect for having a fire on the go!


  • Fire Up in a Short Time - Easy to set up fire due to the excellent ventilation frame, so you can prepare for fire faster than starting a fire on the ground. 
  • More Fire, Less Smoke - The meshed bottom allows for increased airflow. This leads to hotter fire and less smoke. Enjoy the campfire to the fullest
  • Almost No Ash or Fire Falls - The special heat-resistant mesh sheet has a very fine mesh, so almost no fire or ash falls down. 0.96 mm gauze effectively prevents fire and ash from falling to the ground.
  • Easy Set Up - Simply unfold the stand and insert the pins on the four corners of the mesh sheet into the stand. 
  • Portable and Convenient - You can put them into your backpack with a carrying bag and it’s very easy to carry when you want to go for outdoor camping, picnics, BBQ, and other outdoor adventures.
  • Easy to Use and Maintain - No rust, high-temperature resistance, durable.
  • No Burn Marks - It's not directly on the ground, so it doesn't leave any burn on the terrain. It can be washed with water and easy to storge after drying.

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