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SkiShoes - Mini Skis Shoe Attachment

SkiShoes - Mini Skis Shoe Attachment

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A combination of skiing and skating. SkiShoe attachments that turn your shoes into ski-skates!

A combination of skis and skates, that brings the thrill of skating to the slopes! SkiShoes attach right to your winter shoes or snowboard boots and let you glide down hills like you were skiing, though they're just about as long as your feet.  They fit into a backpack, so you can take them anywhere. 

SkiShoes are made of highly durable and lightweight fiberglass reinforced material. Metal ski edges enable easy stopping. Heel brake lets you slow down. Adjustable bindings let you attach SkiShoes to any shoe.

Essentially like ice skates for the ski slopes, SkiShoes are so easy to use, since you won't have to lug around giant skis or an awkward snowboard. You can simply strap them to your feet and be on your way. You can hop off the ski lifts and start gliding down the hill immediately without having to strap or connect anything at the top of the hill.

SkiShoes are so small that they easily fit into most bags, backpacks, or larger purses, which allow you to take them anywhere. SkiShoes is one-size-fits-all, and will accommodate shoe sizes between 5-13 US, or 37-47 EU.

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