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Slidee - Accurate Measuring Tape Clip

Slidee - Accurate Measuring Tape Clip

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No more guesswork out of measuring corners and curved surfaces with Slidee - Accurate Measuring Tape Clip!

Slidee is an ingenious device that lets you have an accurate reading when measuring corners, curves and hard-to-see spots. Simply clamp it on your measuring tape and slide up to the end point of your measurement (usually corners and curves), this will allow you to see accurately the exact reading.


  • This tape measuring tool helps you get an accurate reading in curves, corners, and hard-to-see spots.
  • It’s as easy to use as it is accurate—just clamp it onto a tape measure and take the guesswork out of your task.
  • Cost-effective alternative to laser measurers.
  • It fits onto most tape measures and does the job quickly and easily—without the fuss (or cost) of using a laser measure.
  • Clamp it on and slide it into position to get a true reading and to help ensure a perfect finish to your task.
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