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SlideNShade - Magnetic Car Window Sliding Curtain

SlideNShade - Magnetic Car Window Sliding Curtain

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  1. Want to have VIP style sliding curtain in your car without expensive set-up or damaging your car interior?



SlideNShade is a sliding curtain with a magnetic and flexible track that fits any car window. It provides protection from harmful sun UV rays, glare, and heat, gives you privacy while adding a luxurious touch into your interior.

The magnetic track can be cut to fit in your window length and easily absorbed on the metal door frame. The curtain has a louvered fold to easily slide it open and close at will. Generally, this curtain set-up won't affect driving and opening/closing of the car window.


  • Ideal to block away from the sun's UV rays and heat
  • Prevents excessive heat inside the car due to exposure to sunlight
  • Provides instant privacy and add a luxurious touch to your car interior
  • Easy to install, simply align the magnetic track to the window's iron frame and have a firmed and secured window curtain in just 5 seconds.
  • Does not hinder the opening and closing of your car window
  • The curtain is made of eco-friendly satin with exquisite workmanship
  • Maintains side-view mirror visible

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