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Smog Wand - Magical Smog Bubble Maker

Smog Wand - Magical Smog Bubble Maker

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Have endless fun playing with bubbles that you can touch and bounce!

Smog Wand is a fun Smog Bubble Maker for kids and kids at heart. It creates elastic bubbles filled with smog making every bubbles more beautiful and fun compare to ordinary bubbles. With smog bubbles, you can even touch, roll, and bounce the bubbles. 

Simple and easy for kids to operate. It is ideal for both indoor or outdoor playing. Also great party favor or gift for your kids, they will surely love


  • Creates bubbles filled with smoke that are more beautiful than regular bubbles
  • Put on the gloves to let the bubbles stay longer on your hand for a more fun playing experience.
  • Control how big or small the bubble you create
  • Child-friendly and child-safe design
  • Great for parties and as a gift

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