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SmokeStix - Smoker Grill Tube

SmokeStix - Smoker Grill Tube

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Turn the grill into a smoker and add a hint of smoked aroma to your grilled foods with this handy smoker grill tube!

SmokeStix - Smoker Grill Tube gives everyone a way to enrich their barbeque experience with more tenderness and flavor by making smoking simple and easy on every griller you use! You can give a different taste to your meat every time by switching between wood pellets and chips and enjoy a constant smoke during the whole grilling session.

Whether you are a seasoned griller or just want to try something new, SSmokeStix can help you enhance the flavor of every meal you grill in a seamless smoky manner!


  • Enhance the Flavor - Get that rich smoky barbeque taste inside and out on all your grilling in just a few simple steps

  • Turn Any Grill Into A Smoker - Add a hint of smoked aroma to your food simply by placing it in the grill alongside your desired food
  • Dense Smoke For A Magnificent Aroma - The dense honeycomb design enables the smoker tube to release the maximum amount of smoke and endow your food with an effortlessly spectacular smokey flavor! Simply add wood pellets or chips inside the tube

  • Long-Lasting Smoke Release - Once filled with wood chips, the smoker tube can release dense, aromatic smoke for up to 4 hours

  • Durable Rust-proof Heat Resisting Materials - Built with durable 304 stainless steel to provide you with a lasting rust-free and heat-resisting smoking gadget

  • Perfect For All Food - Perfect for vegetables, cheese, nuts, fish and all kinds of meat

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