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SnowLights - Snowmen LED Christmas String Lights

SnowLights - Snowmen LED Christmas String Lights

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Bring a warm festive spirit into your home with SnowLights - Snowmen LED Christmas String Lights!

Cute, simple, and in the Christmas spirit, SnowLights are the perfect string lights for the people who know less is more. Greet the holidays with romantic lighting from the most adorable snowmen.

SnowLights aren’t flashy and complicated, their beauty lies in their heartfelt design. Each of the snowmen creates a calm, romantic setting with their smooth lights and warm colors.

SnowLights are adorable to look and charm everyone with their simple, heartfelt look. Set a beautiful mood for the holidays and spend a night under the warm festive tone SnowLights create!


  • Easily Beautify Your Home - Dangle up the cute glowing snowmen around the Christmas tree or on the walls to set a festive décor for the holidays.
  • The Perfect Tone - Unlike other flashy ornaments, SnowLights’ beauty is in their simple colors and low lighting. Less is more and SnowLights prove that wonderfully.
  • Set a Romantic Mood - Shining in smooth warm colors, SnowLights set a romantic mood for the holiday evenings in the most heartfelt way!
  • No Cord Battery Operated - SnowLights uses 2 AA batteries that last long. No need to connect to power outlet, meaning, it's safe to be left on overnight.

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