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SoaperSaver - Silicone Soap Saver Sleeve Shower Scrubber

SoaperSaver - Silicone Soap Saver Sleeve Shower Scrubber

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Silicone Soap Sleeve - A Healthy Alternative & Multi-purpose Sponge Soap Dispenser As It Combines The Function Of Scrubber & Sponge!

Did you ever realize that holding soap with your hands can be hazardous for your health? Your hand can pass tons of bacteria to your soap while having a shower.

No worries, from now on with our incredible Silicone Soap Sleeve The intelligently designed shower scrubber liberate your hands, stop bacteria generating, and clean the deepest. With its flexible texture, it fits most of the soaps. Also, you can scrub your dishes, car glasses, or other necessities with this ultimate soap sleeve. No more unhealthy shower ever!

SoaperSaver may look simple; however, every aspect from its size, shape, and pillars, have a uniquely engineered purpose of cleaning deeper.

  • Reduces Soap Usage by Up to 80%
  • Produces 250% More Suds
  • Anti-bacterial Medical Grade Silicone
  • Extremely Satisfying Scrub
  • Soap Bars Lasts 5x Longer


  • ELIMINATE THE BACTERIA - The soap sleeve provides a silicon-based cover on your existing soap that free up your hand of holding the soap directly. It eliminates bacteria and gives you a healthy shower.
  • DELICATE DESIGN - With its innovative design, you need to use less soap as it creates a frothier lather. Honeycomb design reduces the soap friction area. The stylish and fancy pattern of the soap sleeve provides an elegant look to your soap.
  • TWO-SIDE EXFOLIATING CLEAN - With two sides, a soft silicone side for gentler cleaning or scrub-sided for deeper cleaning and removing dead skin cells. iT will not irritate your skin over time like bristles.
  • LESS SOAP USAGE - The innovative design of the soap sleeve lets you spend less soap. It creates a frothier lather for a deeper clean while also eliminating bacteria build up.
  • ADJUSTABLE SLEEVE - The soap sleeve can be easily expanded over 200%, so it can easily fit any of your soap bars. The adjustable size can be compatible with your any-sized soap.
  • QUICK DRYING EASY CLEANING - When not in use, prop it up, so it dries itself and the soap quickly by letting water and air underneath; and since silicone is a non-porous material, you can clean it by submerging in boiling water to thoroughly sanitize.
  • MULTIPLE USAGE - You can clean your glass and mirrors, leaving streak-free with this silicon sleeve. Just spray your liquid soap once, and you can use it to wash the dishes, mirrors, and so on. Moreover, you can clean your car window glass to have a crystal clear view while driving or riding.

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