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Sleep Improving Device - Sound Therapy Sleeping Aid

Sleep Improving Device - Sound Therapy Sleeping Aid

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Imagine sleeping with the sound of the ocean, flowing river, blowing wind, rain, or nature sounds.

Improve your sleep quality with this all-new Sleep Improving Device, it operates at a frequency that improves REM sleep and helps you fall asleep quicker. It is a must-have for any room, it can help keep you and your children sleeping the whole night through!

The device has a built-in speaker and 9 different recorded sounds. Enjoy the sound of the ocean, thunder, wind, brook, summer night, rain, white sound, and two different lullabies. These sounds help you relax and block out any outside noise that may wake you up, when the machine is on, the constant noise will keep the room calm with no sudden interruptions.

This is ideal for babies that have issues falling asleep or staying asleep the whole night, specifically if you notice your baby falls asleep in loud spaces or public places, this may be for them. The Sleep Improving Device can be powered wirelessly by batteries or plugged into the wall.

It also benefits adults, it will boost focus while studying or working, help you fall asleep, reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality. This will increase energy levels and decrease stress levels.

  • 9 Different Sounds & Lullabies
  • Easy To Use Interface
  • Plug directly into a power outlet or power it through AA batteries.
  • Automatic Shut Down Timer
  • Adjustable Volume
  • High-Quality Built-In Speaker
  • Portable and Travel-friendly Design
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