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SplashRocket - Space Rocket Bath Toy

SplashRocket - Space Rocket Bath Toy

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Make bath time with the kids fun for everyone

Are your children dreading their time in the bath? SplashRocket will make them love every second of it. This bath toy will not only catch their attention but help you wash them from head to toe!

SplashRocket will explore the depths of the bath with your children and when it goes out into the stratosphere, it will spray them with water and wash away all that’s left on their heads!

SplashRocket keeps the kids engaged so you can wash them clean faster and without cries or frowns! Let’s make bath time a spectacular adventure where everyone has fun!


  • Takes Away Their Fear - Your baby will forget all the fear and discomfort they feel in the water when SplashRocket shoots into the stratosphere!
  • Keeps Them Occupied - While you give them a nice scrub, the kids will have a blast in the bath! Bathtime becomes fun for everyone involved!
  • Leaves Nothing Unwashed - Dunk it, lift it off the water and SplashRocket will simulate the shower to easily wash away the soap from your child’s head!
  • Makes Your Kid Excited for Bath Time - The kids will jump in the bath by themselves when they know a space-splashing adventure is waiting for them in the bathroom!

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