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Stick And Store Makeup Brush Holder

Stick And Store Makeup Brush Holder

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Keep your makeup brushes organized & clean with this cruelty-free silicone drying rack that sticks to any surface.

This Stick And Store Makeup Brush Holder sticks onto your mirror and other smooth surfaces so that you can easily organize your brushes. It's also great for those with limited counter or bathroom space. Also perfect as drying rack to your brushes after cleaning to maintain their shape and soft bristle.

The slots are in different sizes to make it easy to store and dry different sizes of makeup brushes. It can also be used as toothbrush holder, a desktop stationery storage tool and more. Keep your brushes close to hand and your counter space clutter-free!


  • Instant storage in a convenient size.
  • Helps protect the shape of your brushes' bristles after washing and keep them organized while drying.
  • Soft silicone stretch material does not hurt makeup brush, suitable for various brush sizes.
  • Stick without leaving any marks. 
  • Suitable for marble, tile, glass, mirror, smooth metal surface, smooth wall and other hard walls, firmly adhere to leave no trace.
  • For a variety of purposes, in addition to placing your makeup brushes, you can also put other brushes, toothbrushes, pens, etc.

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