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StickRoll - Stick On Universal 360 Swivel Casters (4pc/set)

StickRoll - Stick On Universal 360 Swivel Casters (4pc/set)

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Take away the gravity from your boxes and furnitures!

StickRoll - Stick On Universal 360 Swivel Casters make the stuffs around your home easy to move so even the heavy furniture can be dragged effortlessly! Install them under every object and you’ll be able to rearrange any room at ease.

The sturdy spheres rotate at 360° to help you turn and move objects easily when you want to do some cleaning. You won’t require help anymore to move the heavy stuff around. With StickRoll you save a ton of labor and create a dynamic environment where the aesthetic can be rearranged in minutes. Make gravity lighter in your home and never exhaust yourself again!


  • Take Away Mass - Seamlessly move around the heavy furniture as if they are light as feathers! With four pulleys attached, anything is easy to move.
  • Rearrange With Ease - Want to create a new vibe to the room? Rearrange your living space at will without exhausting yourself in the process!
  • Clean Without Constant Strain - Instead of bending over or leaving the trash under the furniture to pile up, you can now move it effortlessly and leave the whole floor shining!
  • Easy to Install - No tools or effort needed. Simply stick them under your orginizer box, furnitures or any objects you wanted to be dynamic
  • Use With Ease - Durable construction that can hold heavy loads without wear and pressure.

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