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StoneStack - Creative Wooden Stone Stacking Building Blocks

StoneStack - Creative Wooden Stone Stacking Building Blocks

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A building game unlike any other

StoneStack is a building toy unlike any other you’ve seen. To build high with you have to think outside of the box and experiment with your creations if you wish them to last!

Each piece is different and has a different weight to it to make building with StoneStack a challenge that holds lessons for its little builders. Only the best can stack a tower of them!

StoneStack breaks the boring old way of stacking blocks to develop your children’s creativeness and ingenuity. Bring the whole family and let’s see who can reach the top!


  • The wooden blocks are handcrafted into vivid pieces to stimulate their creative minds and create non-linear building possibilities!
  • Have you got the skills and ingenuity to build a tower that lasts? Let’s see whose building can go higher without falling!
  • The blocks are specifically made to encourage building experiments and promote their problem-solving capabilities.
  • Educational toy, StoneStack will engage your kids in architectural games that hold endless lessons and opportunities to have fun!
  • Made of wood coated with safe and eco-friendly paint 

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