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TankSplash - Gesture Control Water Bomb RC Tank

TankSplash - Gesture Control Water Bomb RC Tank

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Watch your child gush over this fun and exciting toy!



Remote control cars are every child's favorite toy, which is why TankSplash - Gesture Control Water Bomb RC Tank has been upgraded to surpass your child's expectations. TankSplash is equipped with a high-speed motor that makes it fun to race on any terrain.

To make things better, TankSplash comes with a water tank that sprays out water for a more exciting experience. Plus, it's a great toy to keep your child happy, active, and away from those pesky gadgets.


  • Versatile Play - TankSplash is a remote control car and a water tank all in one! This makes TankSplash the ultimate toy for any child to have in their playroom.
  • Simple Controls - TankSplash comes with its very own remote control that's easy for tiny hands to manipulate. This way, your child has full control over its movement of it.
  • Rechargeable Design - With its rechargeable battery, TankSplash provides your child with hours of fun. Better yet, you won't have to keep loading it up with batteries when the power drains out.
  • All-terrain Movement - Regardless of the terrain, TankSplash will surely move with speed and ease. Both indoor and outdoor play is no issue with TankSplash!

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